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We had neither the staff nor the nerve to call professional advisors and ask candidly for their assessment of our value and potential. We needed a road map to guide these interactions, and an impartial, knowledgeable and empathetic partner to steer the conversations, and clarify the path ahead. We found that partner in Ken Nopar. Ken worked with us when we had few resources for brochures, much less consultants. But his findings mean that when we did produce the collateral to tell our story, it resonated with the target and brought clear results. Ken has become an ally, a sounding board, a friend, and a cheerleader. Our growth, and the relations we have created with this most important constituency, is due in no small measure to his sound advice.

-Executive Director, Community Foundation of Utah

Ken, Thank you for your insights, effort and reflections regarding our professional advisors effort. You can rest assured that I will sing your praises when I have the chance. I am most impressed with the Nopar methodology combined with the Nopar thought process combined with the Nopar rolodex of connections! It has been a true pleasure to come to know you and I look forward to working with you in the future.

-CEO and President, Community Foundation in Indiana

Thanks so much! I have a treasure trove of information. Appreciate all of your good suggestions. Thanks again for working with us.

-Executive Director, Community Foundation in Kansas

The feedback has been very positive and I know one Advisor who called a client right after your presentation. They had been thinking of setting up some form of charitable entity for grant making but had not gotten around to putting it in place. From what the Advisor told me, they were thrilled to learn about our DAF program and set up a meeting for this week to discuss in more detail. Thanks again for helping us make the launch successful.

-Chief Investment Officer, Bank

Thank you very much for joining us today and sharing your thoughts on DAFs, private foundations, and how to approach the charitable giving discussion with clients. Everyone that I’ve spoken to has told me that they very much enjoyed today’s session and found it insightful!

-Managing Director, Bank

Thanks again for everything. The sessions were incredibly helpful and motivating, which is just what I need.

-Principal, Wealth Management Firm

Ken worked with us on a project to gauge the effectiveness of our efforts to engage wealth advisors, attorneys, accountants and other professional advisors who often play an important part in their client’s charitable giving plans. Ken’s feedback from interviewing a number of advisors provided great insight into ways we could improve our efforts and reinforced things we should continue doing. His extensive background in working with advisors proved invaluable in our journey to increase the awareness of our organization and charitable giving in general with advisors in our community. We found Ken to be personable, insightful, and a solid relationship-builder with an incredible network. Ken clearly understands the importance and joy of philanthropy.

-Senior Planned Giving Director, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Foundation

I thought you did a great job and started us down the path of expanding our knowledge around the philanthropic discussion with clients.<

-Executive VP, Wealth Management Firm

First, thank you for taking the time yesterday to spend with our group. I learned a great deal and you’ve compelled me to do some homework on DAFs which was a new concept to me. I have also saved your list of questions so you are now forever a part of my learning and developmental resources.

-Assistant VP, Bank

Thank you very much for your time today in leading our discussion on philanthropy. Our team really enjoyed the conversation. We hope to have a follow up session in the weeks to come. Let’s keep in touch.

-Wealth Advisor, Bank

You were so gracious to spend so much time with me last week and explore how to best set up a Professional Advisory Group for our Planned Giving Program. It will take me a little while to process all the information you shared --- you sent me in the right direction! Thanks again for your gracious gift of time and expertise.

-Senior Development Executive
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