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Nopar Consulting helps Community Foundations, Donor-Advised Funds, and other non-profit organizations significantly increase their awareness among wealth advisors and attorneys who are the gatekeepers to people of wealth. Once aware and engaged, these advisors are then more likely to introduce their clients to these organizations. These clients will in turn provide donations and planned gifts during their lifetimes and at death.

Often the steps include:
1. Interviewing attorneys and advisors who are connected to the organization as well as some who are not. Because Ken is an outside and objective consultant, he is able to solicit and receive candid and constructive feedback.
2. Training an organization how to reach out and engage the professional advisors in their areas, often by helping to create, expand, or reinvigorate its Professional Advisory Committee or network of advisors
3. Determining how an organization can best serve as a resource for advisors and provide additional perceived benefits to them and their clients
4. Defining what advisors are willing to do on behalf of an organization
5. Detailing ideal types of advisors’ clients and area residents with whom an organization should work
6. Illustrating advantages of an organization over other advisor and client or donor options.
7. Determining how an organization can best stay in touch with advisors and remain top of mind with communications, website, marketing materials, and events
8. Helping the organization be more effective in its presentations, meetings, and communications with advisors
9. Demonstrating how an organization can be perceived as the leading catalyst and advocate for charitable giving for the area
10. Providing detailed report that can be implemented by the organization so it can achieve its goals of engaging advisors and working with more of their clients (without requiring significant additional time and expense!)

Because of his business development and management background and perspective, Ken also is asked to help organizations with other issues they face as well, including providing guidance and feedback on website, marketing materials, and development efforts and plans.

"Ken’s extensive background in working with advisors proved invaluable in our journey to increase the awareness of our organization and charitable giving in general with advisors in our community..." READ MORE
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