Facilitating Philanthropy. Growing Organizations. Connecting People.

Nopar Consulting works at the intersection of philanthropy, wealth management, and estate planning, helping non-profit organizations throughout the country establish and deepen relationships with attorneys, wealth advisors, accountants, and other professional advisors. This network is often a key factor in creating awareness of the organizations and additional relationships with donors.

Nopar Consulting also advises and trains wealth management firms, banks, and other professional firms. These firms learn how to engage their clients in the charitable planning conversation, how this discussion helps retain and expand current client relationships as well as attract new clients, and why this conversation is so beneficial to their clients.

The firm is often quoted and writes columns for publications including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Financial Planning, Accounting Today, Chronicle of Philanthropy, and many others.

"Ken’s extensive background in working with advisors proved invaluable in our journey to increase the awareness of our organization and charitable giving in general with advisors in our community..."

Non-Profit Consulting

Nopar Consulting helps community foundations, donor-advised funds, and other non-profit organizations significantly increase their awareness among attorneys and wealth advisors. READ MORE

Professional Advisory Firm Training & Consulting

Nopar Consulting works with and trains banks, wealth management companies, and other firms how to have conversations about charitable planning with clients and how this benefits the firms and clients. READ MORE

Business Development Consulting

Nopar Consulting provides business development consulting services to wealth management, law, and other firms. READ MORE

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